November 23, 2021
7:00 pm start
$20.00 per household WITHOUT SUPPLIES
$44.95 with supplies for one person
additional supplies $28.00 each person

No promotion or discount codes can be used at any virtual events.
Please Note:  This event is for 12+ years and up.  No two acrylic pours are the same.  The above images are ideas only.  Colour choice and design is yours.

Event Info:  Learn how to POUR PAINT!!   This will be a virtual event, you will be able to see Kathy Johnston teach you live how to make an acrylic pour painting.  You will also be able to ask question via ZOOM live during the event if you have any questions or problems.

This event comes with no supplies.  You can purchase supplies from us and pick them up from our Dufferin and Main studio office (see prices above) or if you wish you can purchase your own supplies for the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A link will be automatically sent to you in the morning of the day before your event.  If you do not receive this link you will need to thoroughly check your spam.  Some email service providers have their spam settings set too high that it might be already filtered and not even be sent to you.  You can mark Winnipeg Art & Wine as a safe contact.   It is important to contact us at [email protected]  if you do not receive this link.  We will not be able to help you link to the class from 1/2 hour before or during the class as we will be painting!  Remember our office hours are Monday to Friday 9 - 5 pm we are not available to contact after hours.

The class is just like a regular pour paint party with step by step easy to follow instructions with a professional artist who will make the event fun and informative.

If you wish to purchase supplies for this event you will have the option to do so when you purchase your ticket.  The supplies for this event will include - 5 colours of your choice for a paint pour.  This will already be mixed for you with a paint pour medium.  Either one 16 x 20 canvas or two 10" x 14" canvasses, mixing cups, pipette, wooden sticks, a straw, silicone, gloves.  You will need to supply LOTS, LOTS of newspaper and paper towels!!  If you have a hair dryer you can also use that for manipulating the paint but most people don't.


Please note:  You can use your own supplies or you can purchase a kit for this event on our website.  You are to pickup the kit at our downtown office, or for an additional fee we can courier to you.

You need the following ready and setup before 7 pm.

a) CANVAS:  You can use either one large canvas (16" x 20") or two smaller canvasses (10" x 14")

b)  PAINT POUR KIT:  You will either purchase paint already mixed with a pouring medium for each and every colour you wish to use.  We recommend you select no more than 5 colours for a paint pour.  Three to four colours is recommended.  If you choose to make your own pour then you will need to have this mixed and ready to go before the start of class.  Each pour medium is different so follow directions on your pour medium for how much paint to add.

c) BRUSH, SPOON, FEATHER, KNIFE, STRAW, SILICONE, HAIR DRYER:  There are hundreds of different ways to manipulate your paint and you can use any or all of these extra items if you wish.  We will show you what to do with most of these extra's.  If you have a hair dryer you can also use that for manipulating the paint but most people don't.

d) SILICONE:  Though not necessary many paint pour folks love to use Silicone with a paint pour.  You can  purchase a liquid silicone at a vehicle repair store such as Canadian Tire, in a spray can.  You will only need a very small amount.   You would spray the silicone into a small cup.  As you will only need a few drops for each painting one spray can will last a hundred paint pours!

e)  PAPER CUPS:  You will need approximately 14 - 18 small paper cups (4 - 6 oz) for putting your mixed paint into.  You may also need 2 large cups (16 oz) for mixing.

f) APRON:  You will need to wear an old T-shirt or apron for the class so as not to get paint on your clothes.

g) DROP CLOTH:  You will need a drop cloth, newspaper or an old table cloth to cover h) NEWSPAPER:  Lots and lots of layers of newspaper are required for this type of painting.

i) PAPER TOWELS:  For clean up

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Would we be called Winnipeg Art & Wine if we didn't suggest a wine or beverage of your choice during the painting?  Wine, hot chocolate whatever floats your boat.  Let's just have SOME FUN!

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