October 19, 2021
6:00 pm start

No promotion or discount codes can be used at any virtual events.

Event Info:  Join us for this unique learning opportunity.  For those who want to take painting to another level or just learn some everyday basics.  We will not be painting an actual painting but we will discuss the basics of all painting.  Examples will be show.  Supplies are not required.

This will be a virtual event, you will be able to see Kathy Johnston teach you live.  You will also be able to ask question via ZOOM live during the event if you have any questions or problems.

Upon signup you will be emailed a questionnaire so we can find out what you hope to learn at this event and to ask questions ahead of time so we are prepared.  We will then partially tailor the class to the questionnaire results.  No two classes will be the exact same.

Supplies Required:  You do not need any supplies for the event other than a pen and paper to take notes. We will not actually be painting but if you wish to paint and try some of the examples during the class live then you are welcome to.  Just bring any brushes or colours you want.  It is recommended that you use artist paper or heavy paper for this practice painting you do not need a canvas.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A link will be automatically sent to you in the morning of the day before your event.  If you do not receive this link you will need to thoroughly check your spam.  Some email service providers have their spam settings set too high that it might be already filtered and not even be sent to you.  You can mark Winnipeg Art & Wine as a safe contact.   It is important to contact us at [email protected]  if you do not receive this link.  We will not be able to help you link to the class from 1/2 hour before or during the class as we will be painting!  Remember our office hours are Monday to Friday 9 - 5 pm we are not available to contact after hours.

CLASS SCHEDULE:   2 - 3 hours will never be enough time to learn something that can take decades to learn but we will be getting a nice basic solid start.  We will be touching on the following subjects during this class:

  1. The Big Picture:  What do Artist know that you don’t?  What is the number one way to get better.  What is the worst thing you can do when you are painting.   
  2. What to paint, along with composition and what is prespective.
  3. What medium to choose.
  4. Products:  Learn about paint, brushes & canvasses.  Get a supply list.
  5. How to start your painting.
  6. How to use your brushes.  What are they for.  
  7. How to blend colours and the colour wheel.
  8. The Basic How to’s:  How to paint trees and use the fan brush, how to paint water, how to paint a cloud, how to paint thin lines, how to blend.
  9. Some tricks of the trade that every artist uses.
  10. Time left open for questionnaire results.  

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Would we be called Winnipeg Art & Wine if we didn't suggest a wine or beverage of your choice during the painting?  Wine, hot chocolate whatever floats your boat.  Let's just have SOME FUN!

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