Virtual Paint Party FREE
FUNDRAISER - For Jessica & Ian

Thursday April 1, 2021
6:30 pm  - 9:30 pm





Even when it is free you MUST BOOK A TICKET AHEAD OF TIME with us to reserve your spot for the event.  Supplies are no longer available to purchase for this event.


Fundraiser Info: WE ARE CELEBRATING THE UPCOMING MARRIAGE OF Jessica Johnston to Ian Petreman.

Join the fun and party for the happy couple and help raise a few bucks in lieu of a social, which is cancelled due to COVID.  We will be accepting donations, tips, gifts etc. if you can afford it. We are just going to have some FUN, FUN & FUN.   


Event Info:  Join us and learn to paint this beautiful beach painting.  This will be a virtual event, you will be able to see Kathy Johnston teach you live.  You will also be able to ask question via ZOOM live during the event if you have any questions or problems.  You do not need a zoom account.

This is Bring Your Own Supplies event!  If you need supplies please you can purchase from us, the option will be available when checking out.  Supplies for this event only will be a discounted price $12.00 (this includes canvas, paints, brushes).  Supplies can be picked up at our Dufferin and Main location, Monday to Friday, 9:30 - 4:30 pm.  PLEASE NOTE:  SUPPLY SALES END Monday, March 29, 2021 to allow time for preparation and pickup. 


We will also be auctioning off an original painting.  Bid on one of these 3 paintings.  If you are the winning bidder you will get to make your choice of which painting you like.  You can make your bid in advance if you like:  Email to [email protected]  or wait until the night of the paint class and make your bid then, LIVE.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will need to register and purchase tickets ahead of time for the event.  You can pay whatever you can afford.  If you wish to pay by e-transfer you can do so to [email protected]  Please be sure to leave your name and email address so we can forward you the link to the event.

A link will be automatically sent to you in the morning of the day before your event.  If you do not receive this link you will need to thoroughly check your spam.  Some email service providers have their spam settings set to high that it might be already filtered and even be sent to you.  You can mark Winnipeg Art & Wine as a safe contact.   It is important to contact us at [email protected]  if you do not receive this link.  We will not be able to help you link to the class, from 1 hour before or during the class, as we will be painting!  Remember our office hours are Monday to Friday 9 - 5 pm we are not available to contact after hours.

The class is just like a regular paint party with step by step easy to follow instructions with a professional artist who will make the event fun and informative.  

If you wish to purchase supplies for this event you will have the option to do so when you purchase your ticket or you can email [email protected]  Supplies can be picked up at our Dufferin and Main location, Monday to Friday, 9:30 - 4:30 pm.  PLEASE NOTE:  SUPPLY SALES END Tuesday, March 30, 2021 to allow time for pickup and/or delivery.


You need the following ready and setup before 6:30 pm.

a) CANVAS:  We will be using a 16" x 20" canvas.  If you don't have this size then you can use any size, preferably a rectangular shape.  If you only have a square canvas then you can block of some areas not to paint if you want to have the painting look the same as the sample.

If you don't have a canvas you can also use a piece of smooth plywood, a piece of smooth cardboard, a piece of drywall and as a last resort heavy paper or canvas fabric.  Paper won't be as good because it will curl and cause some problems.  If you use plywood, cardboard or drywall, you will need to prime with a white paint first, you can use any household white paint, including wall paint for this.  If you want to paint on a canvas cloth you will need some type of primer for this to make the cloth paintable.

b) ACRYLIC PAINT:  Black, White, Blue, Red and  Yellow.  You can purchase supplies from the Dollar Store, Walmart or Michael's.  

You can also use tempura paint, normally used for children's paint.  You can as a last resort use regular household paint, meant for walls, and change colours with food dye.

If you do decide to go out to purchase paint then be sure to buy BASIC colours.  RED, YELLOW and BLUE along with black and white.  All colours can be made from these.  Be sure the are bright basic colours.  Like children colours bright red like an apple, bright blue like aquamarine and bright yellow.  Nice to haves would also be a brown and green but they are not necessary.

c) BRUSHES:  2  brushes.  Large and small. Bonus: a fan brush. Don't have art brushes, even regular wall paint brushes will do for the large one and makeup brushes for the small if you need.  

d) APRON:  You will need to wear an old T-shirt or apron for the class so as not to get paint on your clothes.

e) DROP CLOTH:  You will need a drop cloth, newspaper or an old table cloth to cover your table that you will be painting on.

f) PAPER TOWELS:  or a rag.

g) WATER:  A cup of water for cleaning you brushes.

h) PAPER PLATE: A plastic or paper plate or if you do not have that then a old regular dinner plate to put the paint on, or the lid to a large ice cream tub.  Don't have those; you can use tin foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap and put over a good dinner plate to save your plate.

i) EASEL?:   If you have great!   If you don't - no worries! You can paint flat on the table or you can prop the canvas up with a book, or even sit the top end of the canvas on a cup to raise the top half of the canvas up a bit.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Would we be called Winnipeg Art & Wine if we didn't suggest a wine or beverage of your choice during the painting?  Wine, hot chocolate whatever floats your boat.  Let's just have SOME FUN!

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